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Americarb was founded on a very strong set of family values and principles upon which we run our business. We strive in heat treat applications that meet or exceed our customer expectations along with other products that will be delivered on time with the highest quality standards.
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About Us

Located in Niagara Falls, New York, Americarb has proudly serviced our customers since 2004.

Americarb has developed a reputation as a leading global Producer of Carbon and Graphite advanced materials including servicing the Carbon/Carbon industry of all shapes and sizes along with our vast experience with heat treating applications to service any of our customer’s needs.

Americarb has partnered with some of the leading companies in the world for solar and stationary fuel cell powered generation.

As partners, we have been able to work together to develop solutions to lower costs and make the technologies for tomorrow’s green energy fueled future a reality.


Carbon Composites
Americarb offers advanced carbon composites that are stiffer and lighter than many metals and possess excellent strength properties that make them an effective alternative in high temperature applications. Our ultra-high strength composites can be used in applications exceeding 2,500°C. Our composite materials can be produced as flat sheets or molded and machined into a variety of forms to suit any application; including “L” and “U” shaped channels, cylinders and tubes, support racks, loading trays and many other shapes that can be engineered by our team or yours.
Graphite Foil
Americarb’s high purity graphite foil is made from exfoliated graphite flake that undergoes extensive thermal and calendaring processes and contains no binders or resins. Foil is an exceptional material for high temperature, high-pressure transfers of liquid, gases, steam, chemicals and corrosives. Americarb can provide custom cut parts or foil rolls for use in many applications. Foil is available in various standard thicknesses, and rolls are offered in both standard and custom lengths, widths and shapes.
Americarb combines our Graphite foil and our Carbon Composite material to create a flexible heat shielding material. Our flexshield is pliable enough for bending up to 12” radius without sacrificing durability. Flexshield material can be custom cut to facilitate easy installation or can be provided in either standard or custom sheet sizes for use in many applications.
Machined Graphite
Americarb offers multiple grades of graphite, including extruded and isostatic, to complete your furnace installation. Americarb’s machining and design capabilities ensures a one stop shop to meet your specifications. From hardware to heating elements, your entire parts package can arrive at one time, on time, whenever you need it.
Heat Treating
  • Carbonization processing that can achieve 820℃ in an inert environment
  • Graphitization processing that can achieve 2950℃ in an inert environment
  • Chlorine Purification available upon request
  • Vacuum Furnaces that can achieve 1450℃ and vacuum levels of .050 torr
  • Custom heating schedules built to suit your specific needs in any of our operations above
Americarb offers several different types of baffle material to fit your needs. Whether you need larger insulation application or small airfoil baffles, we can custom machine just what you need. Offered in many standard sizes, our graphitized felt can be faced with either our Graphite Foil or our Carbon Composite material. Either configuration offers high durability, provides an excellent thermal barrier and be machined in our facility for immediate installation.
Americarb offers both graphite based coating and adhesive for your existing rigid carbon insulation. This can be used to repair existing insulation or extend the life and usability of your current rigid carbon insulation. These materials can be delivered to you for your own application, or your parts can be sent to our facilities for coating or repair. We can also offer on-site outgassing so your parts can go right back into service.
Cutting/Machining services
Americarb offers standalone cutting services for any industry or application. Our OMAX waterjet cutting machines can cut a variety of materials up to several inches thick with speed and accuracy. Articulating heads allow for more intricate and precise designs and shapes. Local customers may be able to have same-day turnaround on many projects. Our machining services are always expanding, so contact us and see what Americarb can do to help your project get done!

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Americarb will conduct all of its business with customers, shareholders, associates, vendors and the community with honor and integrity.

We exist and excel because we provide innovative solutions for our customer’s needs, world class products and the best service in our industry. By providing solutions to customer’s problems and delivering on time, we create goodwill and opportunity for growth and profits.