Rigid Graphite Fiberboard

Rigid Graphite Fiberboard

Americarb’s CFB-17 rigid fiberboard is manufactured in the USA under strict quality standards. We have an extensive manufacturing facility that allows us to offer custom sizes and complex shapes.  These capabilities allow us to better serve your furnace maintenance needs.  This is an excellent thermal insulator, mainly used for vacuum furnace linings. As a means of cutting down particle emissions, we offer AGP high-temperature coating and/or graphite foil covering as well. Our fiberboard offers: better thermal/insulation properties, low particle generation, high density and strength, high purity, and longevity at a competitive price.

CFB-17 Applications

  • CZ crystal pullers for solar
  • CZ crystal pullers for semiconductor
  • DSS solar silicon furnaces
  • Ceramics, SiC, powder metal, carburizing, graphite and other high-temperature applications

CFB-17 Services Available

  • Engineering and machining of all finished products
  • Halogen purification
  • AGP high-temperature coating
  • Graphite foil one side (FOS)

Typical Properties

  • Density: .17g/cm3
  • Carbon Content: 99.5%
  • Thermal Conductivity: 8.1 x 10-4 cal cm/sec-cm2-C
  • Rigid Graphite Fiberboard
  • Rigid Graphite Fiberboard
  • Rigid Graphite Fiberboard