CVD Silicon Susceptors

CVD Silicon Susceptors

Americarb’s epitaxy susceptors for gas phase epitaxy and MOCVD applications are machined from the highest quality ultrafine grain isostatic graphite materials which are matched closely to the CTE of the silicon carbide, purified using halogen gas and coated with silicon carbide using a proprietary CVD process. The result is a susceptor with an impermeable, superhard surface that can be exposed to temperatures of 1,800°C and repetitive cycling while still maintaining exceptional resistance to thermal shock which can cause cracking and chipping of the coating. Americarb susceptors convert RF energy into an uniformly distributed heating for processing wafers in the temperature range of 1,100°C to 1,200°C. They provide a smooth surface to support polished wafers for epitaxial processing and can be cleaned with gaseous etch processes as required for standard maintenance.
You can expect trouble-free service life using Americarb’s susceptors for hundreds or even thousands of cycles depending on the process parameters.

Sizes and Configurations

Americarb can supply plate type susceptors up to 27” long and pancake type susceptors to 27” diameters as well as an assortment of barrel, pyramid and special configurations. Americarb’s barrel susceptors utilize a solid “no gap” construction insuring a more uniform epitaxial film, extended service life, less reactor maintenance, longer reactor component life, and expanded reactor capacity and capability.  Americarb has specific barrel designs for 7600 and 7800 reactors that provide all of the benefits above when compared to other designs sold by our competitors. Custom sizes, shapes and designs are available to meet your exact needs.

Typical Properties

Surface Hardness: 9 Moh
Coef. Of Thermal Exp.: 4.5/cm/cm/C x 106
Thermal Conductivity: 20 Btu/hr/Ft2/F/Ft
Porosity: 0% volume
Electrical Resistivity: 7.5 ohm-cm x 103
Temperature Limits: -273°C to 1,800°C
Thermal Shock Resistance: Excellent
Abrasion Resistance: Excellent

  • CVD Silicon Susceptors
  • CVD Silicon Susceptors
  • CVD Silicon Susceptors