Carbon Composite

Carbon Composite

Americarb engineers custom manufacture all of our own advanced composites from raw materials to finished goods using patented densification technology. Our ultra-high strength composites can be used in applications exceeding 2,500°C with sheet sizes available up to 25mm thick x 1820mm x 1820mm. These composites are stiffer and lighter than metals and possess excellent strength properties that make them a more effective alternative, and a better solution, for different components.

Product Advantages Include:

  • Exemplary strength and stiffness to very high temperatures in non-oxidizing atmosphere
  • Very lightweight (1.5 to 2.0 grams/cc)
  • Can be produced with low or high thermal conductivity
  • When graphitized has excellent electrical conductivity
  • High modulus
  • High corrosion resistance (with the exception of oxygen at high temperatures)
  • Low coefficient of thermal expansion

Current Applications Include:

  • Protective liners and melt covers
  • “L” and “U” channels
  • Reflectors and heat shields for CZ pullers
  • Fasteners (nuts and bolts)
  • Leading edge components for aerospace
  • Glass handling
  • Hot pressing advanced ceramics
  • Carbon Composite
  • Carbon Composite
  • Carbon Composite
  • Carbon Composite
  • Carbon Composite