Carbon & Graphite Felt

Carbon & Graphite Felt

At Americarb, we produce our own carbon and graphite felt under strict quality standards.  At 1.5m (60”) wide, our felt rolls are the widest available in the industry. This material is easy to cut and install, which provides our customer with more flexibility and less waste. Felt is generally used as thermal insulation for inert and vacuum furnaces. Americarb can fabricate specialty items from graphite felt for your furnace applications that can withstand temperatures of over 2,400°C. Other attributes include: low density and thermal mass, high thermal resistance, low ash and sulphur contents, and no outgassing.

Products Include

  • Carbon rayon based felt (processed to 1,400°C minimum)
  • Graphite rayon based felt (processed to 2,200°C minimum)
  • Foil/felt/foil baffles and reflectors

Felt Roll Typical Sizes


1″ x 60″ x 25′
1/2″ x 60″ x 50′
1/4″ x 60″ x 100′
1/8″ x 60″ x 200′


10mm x 1.5m x 16m
8mm x 1.5m x 22m
5mm x 1.5m x 32m

  • Carbon & Graphite Felt
  • Carbon & Graphite Felt
  • Carbon & Graphite Felt