Matt Reineke

Matt Reineke

CEO & President 

Matt is the CEO and President of Americarb Inc.

Matt has over 20 years of experience in the production of graphite and graphite related products. His success in the carbon and graphite business is a result of his sound understanding of their chemical makeup and the manufacturing process. Matt’s expertise on the subject allows him to make subtle tweaks in the production process to make it more economically and environmentally efficient, moving Americarb forward past its competitors. Matt has a passion for safety and has worked to implement new and modern safety features through the Americarb facility.

Matt earned a B.A., Economics and Management from Albion College, and his M.B.A., Logistics, Materials, and Supply Chain Management from Michigan State University.

Matt resides locally in Ashland, Ohio and enjoys spending his spare time with his family and friends.

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Matt Reineke CEO & President

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