Brian Guido

Brian Guido

Vice President of Sales 

Brian Guido is the Vice President of Sales at Americarb Inc. He is responsible for developing plans and strategies for innovating business and sales, as well as working towards achieving the company's sales goals.

His years of customer service experience allow him to communicate and develop lasting relationships with hundreds of customers over the years. Brian is constantly communicating with product engineers, which allows him to have a superb grasp of the products as well as the specific manufacturing processes that are offered at Americarb. 

Although Brian holds an excellent talent in the sales field, it is his ability to motivate and lead his sales team that makes him truly special and an excellent asset to Americarb.

Brian is also heavily involved in the community. He has demonstrated his commitment to both the community as well as his service for others through his work as President of the St. Mary's Junior Olympic Team. Brian has also served as the coach of the St. Mary's Junior Olympic Team. 

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Brian Guido Vice President of Sales