Ajit Sane

Ajit Sane

Dr. Sane has been involved in highly innovative Research & Development for more than 35 years. He has worked specifically in the fields of advanced materials, their processing, and the design of enabling materials. Dr. Sane brings his extensive knowledge of materials and passion for new products and processes together with a hands- on approach to both the development laboratory as well as the shop floor.

Dr. Sane combines the systematic process implementation found in large corporations, such as BP, GE, and General Dynamics, with an entrepreneurial "get it done" spirit of small to medium sized companies, like Advanced Ceramics Corporation or Impact Armor Technologies.

Prior to joining the Americarb team, Dr. Sane was the Senior Principal Project Engineer at General Dynamics, Director of Research & Development at Impact Armor, Principle Scientist at GE's specialty ceramics business unit, and Senior Research Scientist at BP. Additionally, he was the inventor of advanced PBN crucibles for crystal growth of compound semiconductors, high emissivity, corrosion resistant TaC coatings for GaN MOCVD, high thermal conductivity BN fillers, high reliability oxygen conducting membranes for gas to liquid processes, molten metal fillers, and holistic armor solutions to defeat a variety of KE and CE threats. He has vast experience in processing of materials such as: composites, polymer processing with various fillers ranging from ceramics to energetics, molten metal filtration, molten salt electrolysis, CVD, high temperature processing, etc.

Dr. Sane has more than 20 patents and 5 publications documenting his creativity.

Dr. Sane spends much of his free time performing an array of philanthropic duties. These include his active involvement in BP's Science Explorer Program, the mentoring of students in Cleveland's West Tech High School and of senior students of the University of Vermont.

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Ajit Sane Vice President of Engineering

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